Friday, April 17, 2009

And the Verdict Is...

Positive. The Amazing and Brilliant Tim Wynne-Jones liked my excerpt from Into the Trees, my first novel-in-progress, and agreed that I should use it for part of my creative thesis. And as for Spectrum, well, it needs more work. But that was no big surprise. I'm just so very happy that he can spot, diagnose, and prescribe treatment for so many of my narrative woes.

And now, only two packets left.


  1. Sounds like great news! I can't decide, though, is "only two packets left" exciting or scary?

  2. A little bit of both. It's so great to have access to such incredible feedback...and yet, my laundry keeps building up...and buying new underwear only takes one so far...and my children keep needing to eat...and it should be more than just cold cereal...

  3. I am happy that things are progressing so well. And cold cereal is not a acceptable dinner then? Good to know.