Saturday, November 30, 2013

What Was On My...


Agenda: NaNoWriMo, a visit from my in-laws, a visit from my family, hosting Thanksgiving

Nightstand: I am the Cheese (again), Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose, and Horten's Incredible Illusions.

Head: a hand-knitted and felted beret. It's been cold!

List of Gratitudes: apple-cranberry pie; bathtubs; buttons; chapstick; chiropractors; comedy; dry wood to start fires in the fireplace; fresh eggs; flash lights; good recipes; herbs; ice cream; jam;  liquid measuring cups; maps; Neutrogena Norwegian formula hand cream; pencil sharpeners; rearview mirrors; sharp scissors; spoons; slippers; salt & pepper shakers; soap; towels; tissues; universities; vegetable broth; Vitamin C drops; words; zippers.

Mind: the brain. The brain's chemistry. Memory. Neurology. Neurologists. Life. Death. How it all fits together into story.

This has been a whirlwind month, brought to you by the letter F. Friends. Family. Food. Fatal chicken diseases. Fleece. Fires. Field trip. Forgetting. Fiction.

Lots and lots of fiction. 2500 words on a daily basis until I reached 50,000 words, qualifying for a NaNoWriMo win.

Lots and lots of food, going hand in hand with lots and lots of family. Two nights at the local seafood restaurant--once with in-laws, once with my family, pizza take-out, breakfast out with my in-laws, Chinese one night, and a Thanksgiving feast with dear friends and family.

One more chicken down, with another one currently suffering from ectoparasites and one more with a bendy leg or a neurological disease, not sure which yet.

Fleece and the fireplace. November in NH. Need I say more?

Field trip to the art museum, reminding me of the many galleries I visited when I was a child, and my favorite mirror room at the Albright-Knox.

Next up: December which will be brought to you by the letter, C: celebrations (birthdays, galore), Christmas, cookies...


Well, friends. I did it.

I wrote a brand new novel in less than 30 days. It is very, very rough, but it is there in fledgling state, and I will proclaim February to be NaNoRevMo: National Novel Revision Month.

Care to join me?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

What Was On My....


I'm a little late this month because of what was on my:
NaNoWriMo preparation, visit from ma mere, Halloween festivities.

Horten's Marvelous Mechanisms. A fun middle-grade read. I'm looking forward to the next one.

revisions of middle-grade humor, sample chapters for a different middle-grade humor, and outline for NaNoWriMo novel. Phew.

...knitting needles
a rainbow ombre woolen cowl for my sis. Upcoming: a pumpkin alpaca/silk chunky weight cowl for moi.

the food dehydrator, working at constant capacity, dehydrating the bushel of mutsu apples I picked up last week.

A new story. Though I don't like to talk about my writing while I'm drafting, this new project has to do with memories and the workings of the mind. It's going to be difficult to write for many reasons, but the advice to write what you think you can't pushes me to step out of my comfort zone. So I'm letting my mind play with all kinds of memories while I metaphorically walk toward the edge of light.