Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday thoughts

Just when I thought I was on the homestretch with this novel, I discovered I need to change the setting. Need, Ginger? Really?

Yes, really.

And this morning, after I had gotten accustomed to this need, I discovered I need to change my point of view. And this revision, my friends, is much more intense that simply changing the setting.

Needs and wants. Needs and wants. Why do I keep going back to needs and wants...


  1. For some reason I'm reminded of a story I read about Meredith Willson, the composer. Like most songwriters, he had a whole trunk full of unused songs he'd composed for other projects, and one day he decided he was going to write a musical specifically to use them up.

    Except once he got started on the musical, he realized on numerous occasions that his trunk songs, although perfectly serviceable, weren't quite right for the story. So he wrote a new song for a particular scene. Then he wrote another. Then another, and another, until finally he'd replaced his last trunk song with a brand-new composition. The purpose for which he'd written the musical was completely thwarted, but he felt as though the end product was worth the trouble--even though he still had his trunk full of unused songs at the end of it.

    The musical, by the way, was "The Music Man."

  2. Seventy-six trombones led the big parade! I shall think of trombones as I'm revising.