Sunday, March 14, 2010

In Honor of Friendship

After reading Facebook status updates, she thinks how much she loves her friends--her friends who make giant batches of sauce so big that they need two pots, her friends who adopt children from Russia, her friends who celebrate Pi day, her friends who write books and her friends who don't, her friends who have songs stuck in their heads, and her friends who eat cereal with half and half.

She loves her friends who worry about her, her friends who bring her chocolate, her friends who call "just to say hi." She loves her friends she's known since forever, and her friends who she has only just met. She loves her friends who live down the street and her friends who live across the world. She loves her friends who pick raspberries and can with her, and her friends who buy raspberries and haven't a clue about canning. She loves her knitting friends, and her reading friends, and her friends who do spa parties.

She loves her friends who remember the exact place they met when they were freshmen in high school. She loves her friends who came to the hospital after a car accident, and her friends who offered to donate blood for her family members. She loves her S3Q2 friends, and her WTHS friends, her HAA friends, and her BYU friends, her IUPUI friends, and her VCFA friends.

She loves her friends who have cried with her, and her friends who have laughed with her.

And laughed at her.

She has been blessed with a lifetime of good friends. Thank you, dear friends.


  1. And we love you for the sunshine you bring into our cloudy lives through your gift of writing.

  2. This post makes me feel so warm & fuzzy that I keep punching "Mark Unread" on my feed reader, just so I can read it again and again.