Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Where does one thing become another? Where does the sea turn into land? Where does the sun separate from the sky? How does the long winter slip away into spring? How does one life turn into two, with child in his mother's arms? How does one life melt away into nothingness?

The sweetness of change turns bitter these days, as the sea has forgotten its bounds, and flat land thinks it should be hill, and things better contained fly free through the air: Pandora's box is opened. In the midst of this, a heart a world away breaks for people who are not one thing or another, for people whose souls were firmly planted in time and place, and who now know not where they stand. Out of their former abundance, only an abundance of loss remains.

Can you come into my house? Can I give you bread and shelter? Can I smooth your hair back, and let you weep? Can I shoulder your burden for just a bit, so you can regain your strength before you return to your dose of sorrow?

If only I could.

I am troubled by your troubles.


  1. i do believe pandora's box was opened long ago, we're merely caretaking the results hoping one day to return the world to its proper order. every once in a while we lose ground but on the whole i think we've managed quite well.

    still, in those times of lost ground, there is much to be saddened by. and right now i am like a kid holding my breath and imagining that by doing so i can change the future.

  2. I am troubled by your troubles, I feel that so deeply! Thanks for putting words to it, to the way I have been feeling, it helps.