Monday, May 21, 2012


Sometimes you just need an afternoon spent on the hammock, cocooned together with the gingerbread boys and the gingerbread man, one foot hanging down, pushing at the ground to sway all four of you back and forth.

Sometimes you just need the sun shining down in between the unfurling leaves, and the blue, blue sky above you, and the singing of the birds, while simple thoughts flit in and out of your mind.

Sometimes nothing is better than something, especially when life has been far too full of many, many somethings and your head has been full of complexities.

Sometimes you think that a day of rest is the most compassionate gift God could give you, far better than riches or fame or success or even the ability to type really fast.

And the swaying of the hammock, and the feel of the gingerbread man's shoulder under your head and the wisp of one gingerbread boy's hair on your face and the chatter of the other gives you just enough strength to carry on through another week of somethings.


  1. Lovely!

    I've found it very hard to learn the art of doing so-called nothing. Oh, but what a beautiful art to learn.