Sunday, August 4, 2013


First you pack the granola bars.

Then the marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate, snacks, and mini boxes of cereal just like any self-respecting mother would do. (Right?)

You grab boxes of crackers and pasta and cans of tuna and kippers. You take peanut butter and plan on packing the fruit and vegetables tomorrow.

Though you've hardly been home this summer, you are looking forward to leaving once more.

There's a cabin in the woods where you will unplug and unwind. A cabin in the woods without wifi, cell phone access, telephone, tv.

There is, however, electricity and hot water and a fire pit. There's a tree house and a canoe. There's an old, old refrigerator and a half-stove, together with a conglomeration of cutlery and kitchen goods. There's Othello and Battleship and cards.

You're packing your knitting and some Rafael Sabatini novels. Nothing like a little swashbuckling by firelight.

This is summer.

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