Monday, September 30, 2013

What's on my...


...Agenda: Septemberfest (in which I annually face my fear of heights and climb the rock wall), Country Fair (snapping photos of the gingerbread boys participating in the blueberry pie eating contest, the sack race, and the tractor pull), end of our CSA (good-bye my weekly five pounds of tomatoes), picking and canning peaches, and the third annual Quirk and Quill writers' retreat

...Nightstand: An odd assortment. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain; Doll Bones; The True-Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp; The Suitors of Yvonne; Very Good, Jeeves; I Am the Cheese

...Stovetop: Apple sauce and apple butter. Quarts and quarts of it.

...Catalog of Fears: Dying chickens, spiders, saying the wrong thing, missed flights

...Desk: Novel #3, CATHEDRAL. Revisions, revisions, revisions.

...Mind: Memory loss, brain connectivity, creativity, winterizing the chicken coop

I look forward to September with all the energy a mother with boys at home for the summer can muster. That is, I race toward it.

As soon as it hits, I'm back-pedaling. Whoa, nellie. You want me to wake up when? Every day?

Such is the cost of a constant string of free daytime hours in which to write. Here's to October.

(with gratitude to Sandra Nickel for inspiration)

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