Saturday, November 30, 2013

What Was On My...


Agenda: NaNoWriMo, a visit from my in-laws, a visit from my family, hosting Thanksgiving

Nightstand: I am the Cheese (again), Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose, and Horten's Incredible Illusions.

Head: a hand-knitted and felted beret. It's been cold!

List of Gratitudes: apple-cranberry pie; bathtubs; buttons; chapstick; chiropractors; comedy; dry wood to start fires in the fireplace; fresh eggs; flash lights; good recipes; herbs; ice cream; jam;  liquid measuring cups; maps; Neutrogena Norwegian formula hand cream; pencil sharpeners; rearview mirrors; sharp scissors; spoons; slippers; salt & pepper shakers; soap; towels; tissues; universities; vegetable broth; Vitamin C drops; words; zippers.

Mind: the brain. The brain's chemistry. Memory. Neurology. Neurologists. Life. Death. How it all fits together into story.

This has been a whirlwind month, brought to you by the letter F. Friends. Family. Food. Fatal chicken diseases. Fleece. Fires. Field trip. Forgetting. Fiction.

Lots and lots of fiction. 2500 words on a daily basis until I reached 50,000 words, qualifying for a NaNoWriMo win.

Lots and lots of food, going hand in hand with lots and lots of family. Two nights at the local seafood restaurant--once with in-laws, once with my family, pizza take-out, breakfast out with my in-laws, Chinese one night, and a Thanksgiving feast with dear friends and family.

One more chicken down, with another one currently suffering from ectoparasites and one more with a bendy leg or a neurological disease, not sure which yet.

Fleece and the fireplace. November in NH. Need I say more?

Field trip to the art museum, reminding me of the many galleries I visited when I was a child, and my favorite mirror room at the Albright-Knox.

Next up: December which will be brought to you by the letter, C: celebrations (birthdays, galore), Christmas, cookies...

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