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Needs and Wants

I've been thinking about the difference between needs and wants--as if anyone couldn't think about it with the season of commercialism upon us.

Like is it a want or a need to make chocolate toffee crack(er)s for the teachers in my life?

Are new socks a want or a need?

What about time? Is it a want or a need to make the time to go to the gym? To write? To not write? To do laundry? To read a book?

Lately, everything seems like a need.

Favorites on a Friday

1. Birthday cake (son #1)
2. Sleep (didn't get much last night)
3. Silly traditions (candles on ALL holidays, including birthdays, and other important ones like Groundhog Day)
4. Groundhog Day (the movie and the holiday)
5. My fireplace
6. 60 degrees in December (which seems to negate #5)
7. The first snow (haven't seen it yet)
8. Bubble baths (does a bubble bath ever need an explanation?)
9. Candied walnuts (crockpot recipe)
10. Time off (I'm letting my incomplete manuscript sit for a month, or until I can't stand not writing anymore)